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Photoarchive 3D is a digitized archive of original stereographic 19th and early 20th century historical images.  When viewed by a single person looking through a binocular stereoscope, these reconstructed a scene in three dimensions, complete with depth, creating a “Victorian virtual reality.”  Only a fraction of the millions of views produced have survived, and we here present a sampling of the broad range of available subjects including exotic locations, people of the world, historic events, and material aspects of life 100-150 years ago. 




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Hidden World of the Czars: The Russian Empire in 3D Photographs.

April 30 & June 6, 2015. Museum of Russian Icons,  Clinton, MA.

Drawing on a trove of never-before-shown historic photographs, this virtual tour of Czarist Russia spans the earliest days of photography in the 1850s to the fall of the regime in World War I.  High resolution original stereophotos will be projected in 3 dimensions, as they were intended to be seen.  See serfs in the squalor of the 19th-century Russian peasant villages, bustling ports and cities of the new merchant classes, the glittering life of the czar and his court, and the wars and struggles that signaled the end of the empire. Through the magic of 3D, you will find yourself strolling the streets of Moscow or viewing houseboats in St. Petersburg, visiting ancient monasteries, walking  through villages and farms, visit with Tolstoy and his long-suffering wife Sonia, and stand in the trenches with conscripted Russian soldiers.  This is a never-to-be-forgotten chance to see the vanished and hidden worlds of Russia’s storied past.