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Photoarchive 3D is a digitized archive of original stereographic 19th and early 20th century historical images.  When viewed by a single person looking through a binocular stereoscope, these reconstruct a scene in three dimensions, complete with depth, creating a “Victorian virtual reality.”  Only a fraction of the millions of views produced have survived, and we here present a sampling of the broad range of available subjects including exotic locations, people of the world, historic events, and material aspects of life 100-150 years ago. 

Upcoming Events

We do live projections in glorious 3D on big screens for organizations, museums, and schools. Topics are tailored to interests of the audience, drawn from our massive digital archive of 35,000 images. Come to one of our events, or have a look at the list of talks we have already presented. We are always interested in developing new programs so feel free to contact us.

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Historic innovation and its modern legacy in 3D photographs

October 4, 2024, 7pm
Charles River Museum, Waltham, MA.
Bernard Fishman & George Mutter

3D projection of original images from the 1800s and early 1900s, showing how past inventions, economic changes, and conceptual freedoms have made today’s world. The growth of early industry, mechanized production, industrialized warfare, transformation of cities by an emergent middle class, labor activism, the revolution in domestic life and the women’s rights movement are all shown. You will see lively and thought-provoking scenes of whaling, oil exploration, mining, textile manufacture, skyscraper construction, and the depletion of forests, grasslands, and fisheries. Look into the faces of those affected by slavery, dispossession, and poverty, as well as immigrants in search of a better life. Although this world is gone, we live in its shadow.